Ted Talks on Asia

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” — Ken Robinson


TED TALKS are a series of 15-20 minute lectures by a wide range of inspiring people ( including people like Bill Gates) on an amazing range of topics.
The website is

Here are some interesting TED talks on Asia inc India & China. Take a look at one of them and then report back on what you learned from it- you might be surprised. You decide what format your report back will be – only rule – it has to be readable and it has to include a graphic of some kind.

(Note – all of the talks allow you to read the transcript of the talk)

How Asia will catch up to the West

– looks at how India, Japan and China have competed and will outperform the west.

Learning from a Barefoot Environment

-discusses how a the Barefoot School teaches people to be engineers, scientists

Let’s talk Crap..seriously!

– discusses the value of sanitation.

The real danger lurking in the water

– discusses threats to reptiles such as the cobra due to water pollution

Turning trash into toys for learning.

– how trash can be used to create toys that will show kids principles of science and engineering.

How kids teach themselves

– describes how kids figured out how to use a PC without any instruction or education.