Global Issues -problems that impact people around the world.

Mr. Cairns’ Social Studies:

Global Issues

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What’s this course about?

Most of the other 6 billion + people on this planet live in very different circumstances to ours. The planet we live on is slowly deteriorating under the pressure. We will look at some of the issues that affect various parts of the world and some issues that affect the entire planet – truly GLOBAL ISSUES!

Here are some statistics that represent the heart of the issues we all face.

Year World Population
World GDP $ Number of
Planet Earths
needed for this level of consumption
1960 33people.gif


2005 63people.gif3peoplel.gif


2055 93people.gifholdbaby.jpgholdbaby.jpgholdbaby.jpg3peoplel.gif



(Statistics taken from J.F Rischaud’s “High Noon – 20 Global Problems and 20 years to solve them”)

As you can see we have a bit of a problem- and we need to do something about it!

This course will look at several regions of the world and examine some of the issues that affect people living in them.

Examples include:
Southern Africa: Aids and Health
China: Population Control, The Pace of Change
South Asia: Coping with Disasters
South America: Protecting the Environment